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Forty years after Armstrong’s historical first step, the 2009 Maxentius Festival wishes to celebrate our satellite with the oldest investigative instrument of all, literature. We have this year invited authors to present new texts inspired to the title Earth Moon, a never-ending echo, so as to receive from them the broadest possible range of perspectives. Every evening will therefore have its own subtitle to better define the literary angle offered on each occasion. The lunar theme and titles of the events are not however the only novelties the Casa delle Letterature has introduced in this eighth edition of the Festival, because the musical contribution for the events are also new. We have organised a totally new musical counterpoint compared to the sounds used for previous editions. No longer jazz, but above all electronic music, keyboards, DJ sets and echoes of soundtracks. There will also be ten original trailers created, dedicated to all the authors hosted, and that, merging words and sound for a few minutes, will introduce each evening. From the Universe to the Imperial Forums, from fairytales to poetry, from the bourgeois novel to the fantasy genre, from geography to science. Everything we know about the moon will be enriched by the tales of 16 narrators, among them one young neophyte, 8 poets and 2 scientists, always accompanied by live music, and in some cases introduced by actors. We will hear their stories about the moon in seven different languages: Greek, Italian, Spanish, English, French, Dutch and Swedish and the audience will as always have the Italian translations of their work on the large screens on the stage at Maxentius. The great Italian and American literature of Mazzantini and Greer will inaugurate the Festival on May 26th. On May 29th, as a poet and an author we will listen to the immensely famous singer-songwriter Capossela , together with his co-author Costantino “Cinaski”, in an evening that will start with a reading of a new text by the intense Roman author Albinati. The third event will host the young but already very famous Italian fantasy author Troisi together with the “Swedish Stephen King” Lindqvist, and after the success of last year’s performance, on June 5th there will be a collective evening dedicated to poetry. On June 9th the evening devoted to enchanters will see on stage the tales of Piumini and Vitali and then on June 11th an appointment with the great Andalusian writer Muñoz Molina and Italian author Cavazzoni, both writers whose work is filled with and marked by relations between the earth and the moon.

On June 16th we shall listen to “paperwork investigations” by Grisham and Markaris for an event devoted to thrillers; and on June 18th the “migrant writings” of young Siberian author, Turinese by adoption, Lilin, and the Iranian-Dutch Abdolah, both storytellers with harsh experiences in their homelands. On the 23rd together with Swedish author Larsson and American Pearl we will discover a world of tales with a literary and historical backdrop, to finally come to our final evening on June 25th with two exceptional scholars, Rovelli e Tozzi, who will portray the Festival’s theme through the language of science explaining the innumerable relations between the earth and the moon. In paying homage to the lunar ‘elsewhere’ that has always enchanted us all, the Maxentius Festival will also be online, with digital horizons, in the clever fingers of selected bloggers. The Festival will therefore be a cross-media one. It will be possible to follow events through groups and profiles updated constantly on Facebook (the network most shared by authors and publishers), Myspace (the network most shared by musicians and artists) and Twitter (the network for mobile phone users), where those interested will find updates, news and curiosities about each event. Perfectly in tune with the web 2.0, on YouTube, on the websites for the Festival and the Casa delle Letterature and on all the more important portals we will post the trailers and videos created for each author. There are also to additional initiatives. The first as always is the programme for the event. The Festival’s newspaper in which young authors, who this year are the writers and contributors of the Roman magazine “Nuovi Argomenti”, present the authors hosted each evening. The second is a homage to Luigi Malerba, the great Italian writer who died recently, with an exhibition of photographs and documentaries and a Conference that will be held on June 4th and June 5th (from 10.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.) at the Casa delle Letterature, in Piazza dell’Orologio, with Umberto Eco as our special guest speaker.
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